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Submitted on
June 2


195 (who?)

Messenger bags giveaway

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 2, 2014, 7:27 PM

The giveaway is over, I'll start counting stars now, I'll announce the winners as soon as possible.

Hello citizens of the internet :D  I've been wanting to do something fun and give away things for a while, been thinking of ideas for way to make it more interesting XD this is what I came up with.

BlueRobotto's Messenger bags giveaway

You can get one of the messenger bags available in my Etsy shop! shipped to your house for free!!
 Explode la plz Explode la plz Explode la plz
These are the bags available at the moment:
Todas Las Mochilas by BlueRobotto

Check out more pics in my Shop

What to do?  Tubby Dummy 

It's going to be a raffle, based on stars awarded Star!
Each star you get is an opportunity to win, your name will be added to the raffle pot as many times as  stars you get.

How to get stars? :baffled:

The star challenges:
  • Fave this journal  -  1 Star! 
  • Write a comment here about which one is your favorite bag from the ones in the pic  -  1 Star! 
  • Write a comment telling me why I shouldn't talk abut messenger bags during summer (don't take this too seriously)  -  1 Star!
  • Write a comment with an idea for a bag you would like to see in my shop - 2 Star!
  • Write a comment with a "Hoenn confirmed!!!" meme image or drawing -  1Star!
  • Write a journal about this giveaway* -  5 Star! 
  • Share one of the items from my shop in your facebook*  -  5 Star! 
  • Tweet one of the items from my shop*  -  5 Star! 

*Important  :redalert: 

If you share on your facebook, tweet or write a journal please post the link to it in the comments.
Reply to yourself to post the links, that way everything will be easy to find:

Comments by BlueRobotto
BlueRobotto would then get 14 Star!  (considering he faved the journal)

Winners Honorable Mention Medal + PLZ 

There will be 1 winner, who can chose 1 of the messenger bags from my shop and get for free :D (including shipping)

If more than 50 people participate,     THERE WILL BE 2 WINNERS (1 messenger bag each)
If more than 100 people participate,   THERE WILL BE 3 WINNERS (1 messenger bag each)

edit:  3 WINNERS!!!!!  more prices may come in next week *3*

The winners will be randomly selected on Friday June 20th.
All the names of the participants will be added to a list, and as mentioned earlier, Each star you get will get your name repeated on the list as many times, 10 stars give you 10 chances of winning :la:

:excited: :excited: :excited: 

I hope you all want to participate :)  feedback appreciated, if anything is confusing please let me know.  Also feel free to ask any question about the giveaway, bags or other products I have, or ask anything you wanna know XD

If you have any more ideas for things to be rewarded with stars I'd love to hear it :)
If lots of people participate I will add more prizes.  Should I throw in some points as well?

keep an eye on this journal for updates on star challenges and prices.  follow me on twitter for updates too BlueRobotto
  • Shipping everywhere!

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attackontitan1 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
my fav. bag is the one with pikachu or the snk bag^_^
Misselaineous Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
Awesome contest!

-My favorite messenger bag is the embroidered Eeveelution silhouette bag. The vertical bag with the pink top if you will. =3
Misselaineous Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
Oh yeah, I also faved this journal XD
Misselaineous Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
My journal entry sharing this contest :)…
Misselaineous Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
Misselaineous Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
-An idea for a bag for your shop is more like a series of bags. Such as silhouettes of a person's six Pokemon party. I bet many people would absolutely love those, especially me. I would certainly love a bag with silhouette embroidered designs of my Dream Team party =3
Misselaineous Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
-Perhaps you shouldn't make Messenger bags during the summer, but hey, nothing's stopping you. You're making lots of people happy regardless XD
Pokemoniac Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014…
Its not too late to enter this, is it?
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